Lunch Time

Today using some of the fine Japanese ingredients I bought at Nijiya Marketplace. I cooked Swiss chard in a mushroom/welsh onion cream sauce with rice on the side. I also brewed myself a fine cup of gyokuro sencha tea. For dinner I am planning on cooking a beef steak donburi bowl with wagashi for dessert. I will have to put a post on that later :). The wagashi I think I will make is a little pumpkin mochi recipe I found online. Here is a recipe for the Chard for those who have the munchies.

5 small mushrooms diced

A little grated ginger

One welsh onion chopped coarsely

A dash of mirin

Some sugar

Almond Milk

Half and Half

Chard Leaves

Combine everything except for chard leaves, half and half, and almond milk in a pan. Fry everything until well cooked and transfer to a pot. Add almond milk and let cook on low heat until milk is evaporated. Add about 1/4 cup half and half to the mixture and blend in a blender of with a hand blender. Once well blended Put the sauce in a pan and add the chard. Cook down the chard on high heat until evenly covered in sauce. Serve over rice and enjoy!


Japanese Version


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