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Amazake is a drink made with regular short grain rice and rice koji which is in a nutshell rice cultured with a mold known as aspergillus oryzae. Amazake like kombucha and miso is fermented. The fermentation process brings out the sugary starches in the rice and the resulting drink is like highly sweetened oatmeal. This drink has been part of the asian cultures for centuries. Here’s a recipe.

1 cup rice
4 cup water
1/2 cup koji

Rice cooker
A pot
A candy thermometer

Bring the one cup of rice to a boil in the four cups of water. Turn heat on very low and simmer for about 45 to 50 minutes. When the rice has become a porridge put into your rice cooker but don’t plug it in. Using a thermometer cool down the rice until it is between 50 and 60 degrees Celsius. When it reaches the correct temperature mix in the rice koji and plug in the rice cooker. Leave the cooker on keep warm. Every two hours wash a spoon with hot water and stir the rice repeating until ten hours pass. After those ten hours the mixture should be sweet. After 10 hours unplug the rice cooker and pour the rice into a measuring cup. Using a blender blend one cup at a time until smooth and put into a jar for storage or you can just use it right then. Be sure to only blend one cup at a time or the heat pressure from the rice will pop off the lid and leave you with a big ricey globby mess. I can tell you this from experience. The result should be thick like pudding and if you want a drink you dilute the amazake with an equal amount of water. More info on healthy foods like this at My Parents Site

Also here’s a link to the Japanese version

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So Sick

Oh my goodness I have such a terrible cold. But the upside is there is nothing like a good bowl of ramen or some donburi when you’re sick. Anybody been feeling kind of sick lately with the cold weather? I mean I’m just sitting here next to the fireplace thinking oh god I wanna go outside so bad but yet I want to get better. I recently got #tvjapan and I love the morning exercises. It’s pretty good for throwing off this cold. Anyway here’s a recipe for some donburi I managed to make without collapsing.

1 cup rice
One beef steak
A few leaves of Lettuce
10 Mushrooms
1 Large Carrot
Grated Ginger
1 Tbsp Soy sauce
1/2 onion
Cook up some rice in a rice cooker and keep on warm. Slice the beef steak thinly and remove any bones. Brown the steak leaving the inside pinkish. Chop the carrot, mushrooms, and onion roughly and set aside. Warm up a pan and put in the onions and cook until browned. Turn down the heat to medium and add the carrots and mushrooms along with 1/2 cup water and soy sauce. Add the ginger and steam the carrots until soft adding water if needed. Put the rice in a bowl, top with steak and veggies, and put the lettuce on the side. This dish can be served with soy or ponzu or honestly whatever you want. Even ketchup! Okay so… Maybe not ketchup but you get the point. This dish is very refreshing and good for winter time.
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Here’s A Link To The Japanese Version